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Announcing the long awaited third edition of

by Jacqui Bishop, M.S. & Mary Grunte, R.N.


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Want to forgive? Need to forgive? But can’t seem to do it?
This book is for you. In its pages you will find:

  • The real story behind prevailing myths about forgiveness
  • Why it’s possible, and smart to forgive even the unforgivable
  • Ways to release anger, pain, and helplessness
  • Techniques for repairing self-esteem
  • A fresh paradigm for understanding injury and pardon that provides access to power and freedom in relationships

Rather than weakness, forgiveness is a courageous, practical act you do to:

  • Strengthen and affirm your own self-worth
  • Choose happiness instead of domination through being right
  • Stay in charge of your own soul, regardless of another’s actions
  • Fully experience feelings without having them control you.

“How to Forgive sheds light on what forgiveness is, clears up what it is not, evokes the desire to forgive, and shows it’s possible no matter what.”
—Barbara Hoberman Levine,
Your Body Believes Every Word You Say



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